Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tough Week Skipped Work

3/28/2013 - Toughest Week so Far.

I haven't been doing what is right in life so far this week. It's been tough and challenging, i have not stopped helping others but I am not helping my self. I need to push the restart button on my goals. I took a hiatus from work and have locked myself in the library. It's as close to do or die situation for me this week.

I have a test on LEED AP on 31st March at 14:00pm but i havent studied or yet spending too much time pretending to study. I should be back to work soon, my team needs me to churn out the project. I love my job i am thankful for the people, my family and some hard work to get me to this level.

I can't slip out now. I have to do it,. I have to do it.

It's an important week for Mansi as well, she has been going through some rough patch even worse than me on all fronts. She is my good friend and i hope she gets the support from superior powers to aka god to help our drive through and i will play my part in standing by her. After all what are friends for.

I have promised Rhianon an undergraduate lady from GW for an internship and Katlin, Nikhil and Anuja for full time positions.

Its been two and half years so far but i have managed to get Bharat, Anuja part time positions at the library. I have also reached out for others, so karma wise i have been on the positive side helping out beyond my means some time.

I need to slow down though, i can't help everyone i have to understand that. It's would be annoying for my contacts to favor me all the time. I have the relationship but i should maintain them.

I met some peeps from the world bank this week had an interesting conversation about their scope of work. Oh i better get back to study now.

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